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An oil change is an important part of routine vehicle service for every vehicle with a gas-powered engine. Regular service is key to keeping your car on the road for many years.

Volkswagen of Newmarket is here to answer some common questions about oil changes that drivers around Newmarket, Ontario, have asked. Read on to learn more.

Why Are Oil Changes Important?

Oil Change

Oil changes help provide clean oil that circulates through your engine. The oil lubricates engine parts and keeps them from rubbing together, causing friction and too much heat. Without clean oil, an engine will overheat and break down. This means that your oil must also maintain a certain level to be effective. If there isn’t enough, your vehicle will overhear or not have enough to move engine parts smoothly.

Clean oil also helps keep your engine free of debris. As it circulates, oil picks up debris. When it gets too dirty, it can no longer do its job and clean out the engine.

Signs Your Volkswagen Needs an Oil Change

Oil Change Signs

Most VW cars have an oil change indicator light or reminder to inform you that it’s time to change your car’s oil. When your Volkswagen needs its oil change, the light will come on. When you have an oil change appointment, a technician will reset this light.There are also a few other signs that can indicate your vehicle needs an oil change, such as:

  • Engine noise
  • Oil smell in your cabin
  • Exhaust smoke

If your engine is making knocking or grinding noises while you drive, this can indicate insufficient oil in your engine. These sounds are your engine’s components rubbing together.

Have you noticed an oil smell in your car’s cabin? This can inform you of an oil leak or that your engine is overheating.

If you notice exhaust smoke as you drive, this can also indicate there’s an oil leak. Schedule an engine checkup.

Schedule Your Oil Change Today

Is your Volkswagen going to need its next oil change soon? Drivers around Newmarket, ON, can schedule their next oil change at Volkswagen of Newmarket. Schedule using our online scheduler, or give us a call, whichever is more convenient for you.

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